What We Do

Our company takes great pride in our client services and we are dedicated to making sure the client gets the information they need, timely and in the format required.

We are pleased to offer well-rounded services in:

  • Trade Investment relations promotion
  • Export facilitation services
  • Brand management
  • Trade/Business Development Consultancy
  • Label promotion and marketing
  • Event planning and management
  • Design and manufacture products

We investigate consumer needs and provide quality services in response to those necessities and more 

Our Business Activities

market development

We work in conjunction with Nigerian/Italian chambers of Commerce and their subsidiaries to promote and create work opportunities such as opening doors to ease economic and political bureaucratic constraints.

We facilitate business relationships for trade opportunities by inviting new partners from source to parent companies in Italy, including their travel arrangements.

We act as an outrage for community development and the less privileged in both Regions.

Amongst our services we are in collaboration with Italian Wines selection, an Italian-based wine commercial agency specialized in promotion and commercialization of top-quality Italian Regional wines and spirits abroad.

We have established an excellent relationship with successful companies in Italy in the fields of Construction, Agriculture, Mining, Engineering, Real Estate, Wine, Fashion and Luxury goods and services.

We connect our clients with the best quality products that the market has to offer and we strive to make sure that they are satisfied through a well-detailed and curated customer delivery service.

We organize an annual Trade Mission, a one-week trip within the Italian territories with Nigeria’s most prominent and successful Business Executives to discover new trends and innovative technologies to meliorate their different enterprises and savour the culture of the Italian Society.

We promote businesses in West Africa and linking them with the European market: liaising with other business agents in West Africa and introducing them to competitive products. We provide training opportunities for skills improvement and offer after service-care.

We source products for emerging markets in West Africa: sourcing and purchasing technologies for African SME companies and act chiefly as a facilitator for business agents to promote services.

We help register business lines and we are involved in business organization and product advancement for synergies and emerging markets.

Our clientele is made up of people with a very strong and challenging work ethic. Behind the scenes, we make sure that our clients maintain and still receive the best service.